By booking an appointment you agree to the following TERMS and CONDITIONS: 

* It’s not possible to book check-ups on Saturdays, if you book other services in order to get a check-up we won’t make the check up.
* Booking fees are non-refundable, if for some reason you cannot come in for your appointment, let us know in advance 12 hours before, we can always move your appointment for another day.
* If you fail to show up to your appointment without 12 hrs notice,you will not be able to book a new appointment for the same day and you will lose your deposit.
* The first two Check-ups after your piercing is done are for FREE, any following check-up appointments will get charged 50 DKK (unless other is agreed upon by both client and piercer).
* If you fail to show up to your FREE Check-up without notice or cancel 12 hrs before your appointment ,we will charge you 50DKK at your next check-up.
* If you are more than 15 min late for your appointment, without contacting us the appointment will be lost along with your deposit.